DONGSUNG PRECISION! Reliable Company With Highest Technology



2017. Launched DS-60SF Sock knitting machine
2016. World first 21G glove knitting machine develop
2015. Participated A+A Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany
2015. Participated Awarded 5milion Dollar Export Tower Prize
2015. Participated KORTEX in Daegu, Korea
2014. Participated KORTEX in Daegu, Korea
2014. Obtained Developed world first totally electronic glove knitting machine
2012. Obtained 8 patents for toe socks and other sectors
2011. Participated KORTEX in Daegu, Korea
2011. Participated A+A 2011 Dusseldorf, Germany
2011. Participated ITMA 2011 Barcelona, Spain
2010. Participated ITMA 2010 Shanghai, China 


2009. Nominated as “Expecting Enterprise by Korean government
2008. Moved to New Factory to Geomuldae-ri in Gimpo
2007. Appointed as Venture Company by Korean Government
2005. Obtained CE Certification
2004. Awarded KOREA Textile Machine
2002. Obtained ISO 9001 Certification
2002. Expansion second Plant.
2002. Developed Glove Knitting Machine
2001. Nominated INNOBIZ company 



1999. Developed High Pressure Forming Machine
1999. Opened Branch offices in India and Russia
1998. Participated Technology Innovative Project by Korean Administration
1997. Participated Beijing International Exhibition of PE&T Fair
1996. Nominated as Expecting Company Processing Advance Technology by Korean Government
1996. Participateed Shanghai Textile Fair
1993. Open Seoul office and customer service Center
1991. Expansion Plant to Kimpo 


1989.  Participated KOTRA Machinery Fair
1989.  Expansion Plant to Gimpo
1988. Export First Rotary Screen Machine
1987. Found Dongsung Precision