DONGSUNG PRECISION! Reliable Company With Highest Technology

30years know-how and experience of manufacturing

Glove knitting machine

With most advance and highest Technology, Dongsung Precision Developed 21G Glove knitting Machine world first. Besides, Dongsung launched Totally e Electronic operational glove knitting machines.

Sock knitting machine

With accumulated know-how, Dongsung Precision manufacture most stable and Safe sock knitting machine. It knits colorful and fashionable socks For men, women, young, old people.

Industrial machines

For satisfying various nees from customers, Dongsung also prepared Full line up of the industrial machines Not to make any of our customers Inconvenient.

Self production of every parts

Dongsung Precision has all facility for self production. Every parts, every products are made in Dongsung Precision’s factory.
All steps, cutting, processing, assembly, test, and export, are being done with Donsung Precision own technology and Men power.
Also, most of spare parts are ready for support.