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  • Terry & Plain dual knitting(3.75”)
  • Multi-Language support (Korean, English, Chinese and other Languages)
  • Double cylinder effect
  • Making different side of linking line, up or down.
  • More than 100 patterns
  • More than 100 chains
  • 10design sequential production or cross production
  • Simple change from Terry to Plain(only main feeder and plate change)
  • Color LCD
  • Built-in Power stabilizer(1~2 seconds)
  • 210V~410V support (Flexible)
  • Free license for design program
  • Other program can be used
  • Fake socks knitting
  • 3D-Knitting
  • Switching power
  • Rubber tights knitting(Automatic width control)
  • New actuator system for high speed knitting
  • Double down picker system for knitting conditions.
  • Total 15 patterns yarn fingers
  • Automatic stitch control system by accurate stepping motor
  • Repeating functions of Knitting on double welt & heel
  • Actuator is with 16 steps lift type
  • 5% production speed up
  • 5% less components (less parts)


DIA. Of Cylinder 3.5″ 3.75″
Range of Needle count 84~240 84~200
Drive Control Servo Motor 1.0KW
Blower 0.75KW / 0.95KW
Control Box 0.7KW
Drive Control A.C Servo Driver
Floor Space 120×140(Cm)
Weight Net weight : 430Kg / Gross weight :460Kg
Packing Dimension 100×95×170(Cm)