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The High Pressure Forming Machine adopts the latest plastic forming technology that shapes plastic with high pressure fluid (mainly compressed air) after preheating the plastic in film form to a temperature below the softening point (Solid Phase Pressure Forming) as opposed to the prevalent Heat Press Forming technique that preheats the plastic to a temperature above the softening point.
In the latest forming method, there is no distortion of the pinted image while forming the preprinted material.
As this method does not use the top mold directly in contact with the top surface of the material, there is no physical damage on the printed layer or the material.
The equipment is the best choice for ultra-precision molding, which shall be formed in a three-dimensional shape after printing in a plane state, to enhance the added value of the finished product.


Forming Area 250×360mm(Option/Order specification)
Forming Range 30mm
Forming Speed Flexible depending upon the products
Power 380Vx4Px60Hz
Power Consumption 30Kw
Working Pressure Max. 6bar ~ 300bar